Monday, December 21, 2009

Tis the Season

Big year for us. Just reflecting back on '09 I can't believe it's almost coming to an end. This was the year we started and we're forever great full of the support from all those who believed in us. What a great year. We accomplished so much this year and next year will be even better. Let's count our failures as lessons to grow from. Every blessing let's not take for granted. Enjoy the time you can with family this season and thank God for all the blessings. We're all still breathing and living. Oh 10 he're we come! Aim Higher!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rasta Micer

Cant help but get a kick out this one.  Little throwback to late October/Halloween, the big homie Keenan Shepard decorated a pumpkin with a little love our way, Rasta style! lol  Random, but cool...i mean, Cool Micer lol  Check it. Pretty Smooth.  Aim Higher people!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Slight Alteration

not an exact depiction of sleeve design.

After discussion, we've changed the sleeve from our logo (Cool Micer) to our motto (Aim Higher). Getting these shirts ordered ASAP. Set price of $25 for these. Coming very soon so stay posted! On another note, big shout out to the followers on Twitter. 70 followers last timed i checked, and climbing;]. Another shout out to the 600 fan barrier mark passed on Facebook. Growing all the time and it's beautiful. Check out the mini blog on Tumblr if you haven't yet. Once again stay posted. Aim Higher!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Twitter & Tumblr

New way for updates. With insight to this new world of Tumblr we've decided to keep updates on here. It's well connected to Twitter as well. So follow us on Twitter or Tumlbr. Check out the Tumblr if you don't have a twitter. It's going to probably be updated more than the blog with ideas, concepts, music and most importantly up and coming Cool Micer info just as the blog. So check it out. Aim Higher!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Big Homie

Today is October 6th. 17 years ago a legend was born lol. Lemme chill with all that. But I wanna give a big shout out to my Cousin/Bro/Big Homie lol/Cool Micer's Co Founder Derrick aka Donnell. Not to get all personal but i left him some love on his wall. I grew up with this dude, diapers and all. This years been tough for us though. He just loss his dad in August. But this guy is a strong dude. He kept a level head through it all. We loss a big figure this year. Through the days and nights i'm still shocked that uncle's gone. Felt like a nightmare. But counting the blessings and the good that the future will bring I'm holding my head high. I know he's proud of us and we're gonna keep making him proud. This life we live is way too slim and it's sad it takes a loss for us to appreciate it. Through it all we're still here and thanking God everyday for what we do have. So keep the Cool Micer fam in your prayers. Thanks to all supporters. We love you all. Once again, Happy Birthday Big Bro. Aim Higher!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Face Tee Template

Ah can't complain at's been a great summer=) Much love to the RISD fam. Miss you all=( Back to the books/school and back to the grind. Big shout out to the facebook fam. 500 + fans. we're climbin up.. jus like we dreamed back in '07. It's beautitful the love we get. Just wanted to let yall know yall are all appreciated. Here's the next tee we want to release. Been contemplating on the design and finally cooked up some heat;] We'll try to get these printed soon, so stay posted. Much more to come. Trust. AIM HIGHER!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Online Shop Running!!!

Took longer than we expected...but finally got it runnin'. We got all the tees y'all voted for (Red, Teal, Hot Pink & Purp)...the Black and White classics of course. Anticipation is over. O Gs are here, get yours. AIM HIGHER!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

NYC Photo Shoot

Big shout out to all that helped out. Much love. Stay posted. Aim higher!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Cool Micer NYC Photo Shoot/Cudi Concert

NYC photo shoot done today. Went out to South Street Seaport and chilled w/the crew. Za (Zaire Tillman) took some candid shots, some posed, and it all went smooth. Ended taking pics around 5. The whole concert was only blocks away. We rushed back over to the port to catch the concert, mainly to see Cudi. Things weren't looking to bright initially. Actually, it started to rain. Asking around we found out that if it hadn't stopped raining the concert would be a no show. Waited around and chilled for a couple hours and actually met some cool celebs. The dynamic duo Chester French, Travis of "Gym Class Heroes" popped up, Plain Pat(producer)...and with long hours dedication we got to catch up with Mr. Solo Dolo himself, KID CUDI. We "swagged" him a shirt. He was a real down to earth dude. Real cool guy. The rain started to die down, and everything just started to get into motion. Chester French went up did their thing and Cudi ended it off w/a bang. Real good concert. After the concert we also got Cudi to sign one of our shirts. Real good day for us and some nice pics taken by Za. Photos from the photo shoot will be posted soon. Stay posted. AIM HIGHER!

flyer from concert

Kid Cudi holdin' up our OG T-Shirt=]

Plain Pat WUDUP
Max of Chester French
D.A. of Chester French
Travis of Gym Class Heroes
Cudi jammin' out on stage

Cool Micer OG T Autographed by Cudi

chillin' by the port

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

S.O.D. (shirts on deck)

Shirts for the website on deck. With the inventory here you'll be able to order online very soon. We doing it big in NYC right now. Bout to do a photo shoot partially Thursday and Friday. Shout outs to Zaire Tillman for doing the shoot. Congratulations to our co-founder Derrick Walker, he's graduating today (6/24/09). Stay posted for updates. AIM HIGHER!

ladies white, hotpink & purple

guys black, white, red & teal

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Roll w/the Winners

Shout out's to the voters. You voted! Now results...
These are the final colorways for the OG T-shirts!!!!
Enjoy =]

"Aim Higher" the motto

Friday, June 5, 2009

Poll Updates

Good looks to everybody voting. This is really helping us get a feel to what y'all wanna see from us color-wise for the og t-shirt. ONLINE SHOP is a work in progress. We just gotta up the inventory right now. So as soon as the polls close (June 10th) we'll start grinding to get those two colorways for the ladies and the fellas. It looks like purple and hot pink for the ladies. For the guys, teal and red. That's just so far. Anythings possible. Get your vote in, if you haven't already. Til the next post, peace & Aim higher!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Poll on Shirt Colors

Original (OG) shirt customizations are coming to an end. But we've decided to let yall pick the the extra two colorways yall are feelin' for the OG final shirt selection (Male and female). So we've created polls. Ten day polls. This is just to up the urgency, because we need all this info now. Tryin' to get the online store running this summer and we wanna know yall's input. So pick two colors your feelin. And the two colors with the most love from yall will get selected. The polls start June 1st and end the 10th, TEN DAYS...don't miss it. So with that being said...get ready to vote.haha. Other updates....the facebook wall is dry=/ show us some love. Jus stop bye and say "wudup", post some pics, it's all appreciated=] We're working on the online store. So stay posted on this. Much more to come basically. And the Facebook keeps growing =]. Well gonna wrap this up. Don't forget about the Myspace, add us on there. We're on there. You can click the side link to get to it. Stay posted. Much love and don't forget to get your vote in

ladies voting link

guys voting link

Saturday, May 23, 2009

More in=]

Woah. let me start off sayin the facebook love is beautiful. 245 fans? woah!haha. If you got a T-Shirt post some pics of your self rockin it on the facebook. It's easy. Just click the comment box and then you can post a pic on our wall. But much love to all of yall=]. On another note just got more shirts orders in. The NY orders got shipped up yesterday (friday). To all Govies that ordered last minute we got you. We'll have to ship to you all as well. If u meant to get your order in, just holla at us on facebook. We'll work something out. The online store will be here sometime this summer. Hopefully by the next post we'll have a more definite date zone. So stay posted. Much love.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Senior Year

Check this out. Senior Visual Arts Govie, Cat Peacock, showed love to her whole VA (visual arts) crew in this peice. It's called "Senior Year". All the Senior VAs are in this. Neesmith (the prom t shirt rocker & "original t" photographer) being a senior VA, is in it. Well, it just so happens that he's wearing his Cool Micer OG T-shirt. ill peice all together. Shout out to whole '09 class graduating off. Wish you all the best in all your future endeavors. Much love from the Cool Micer familia.

there he go. pretty ill huh?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Batch In!!!

Yeah, new orders in. If you ordered holla at us. Sendin NY orders up Saturday=]

Thursday, April 30, 2009

AIR CM Tees!

All "Air Cool Micer Ts" are here!!! (only if you placed your order around April 15th). Sendin em' up to NY and elsewhere a.s.a.p. If your on the SCGSAH campus get at us. Sorry for the wait. Stay posted for updates. Til the next post..Peace!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Offiical T Orders here!

T-SHIRT ORDERS ARE IN!!! So if you ordered the original t around the 15th and you got your guap and your on campus get at me. If your in NY and you ordered i'll be sending em up ASAP. As you can see we have different color choices..cough cough yellow and pink. Therefore for future orders if you want your shirt in a different color state it on your order form as well as the shirt design. You can customize your order and get any color shirt, ANY COLOR. Not just yellow and pink. So keep that in mind if you wanna get the tee in a different color. That goes for the Air Cool Micer T and the Original T. Besides all that the Air Cool Micer tee will be in next week. We'll post something when they get in. So stay posted. Peace!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quick Update

NEW FACEBOOK PAGE!!! Yeah fam. We're moving to another page and we're deleting the old one. We won't be moving anymore. We just had some inconvience with the first page. So you can follow the link below and become a fan on the new one. And to all myspacers we're on there as well. So here are the links...
The NEW Facebook page:

The Myspace page:

We put in orders last week for the original and they should be here tommorow if you put your order in around the 15th. The Air Cool micer tees will be coming in next week. So if you ordered the Air T bare with us. We got you. Sorry for the wait. All together the first load of shirt orders went real well. We got about 30 orders. So shout outs to everybody that ordered one...and another shoutout to all those who wanted one. Oh yea and how can i forget. Another BIG shoutout to our "Original T-Shirt" photographer Neesmith for stuntin his Cool Micer Original T-Shirt to his prom. He hit us up with some pics, check em out below. That's about all for now. So until the next post, Peace.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

"Air" Cool Micer T-Shirt

This t-shirt is heavily inspired by the air jordan brand. Since we are such big fans of jordan we've decided to make certain parodies to his brand in relation to ours. Like weezy f baby said "some say it's biting, but we call it enlightening." Besides Mr. Jordan is one of the flyest.haha. Literally (first in flight). But besides that we're putting in the first order on this wednesday, April 15th. All t-shirts are only $19.99. Make sure to get your order in. Til the next post, peace

Saturday, April 4, 2009

First Photoshoot

Here's the pics from the shoot. Enjoy=) I also created a little video of some things i recorded while we we're taking pics for our first Coolmicer photoshoot. I've posted the pics above on the Cool Micer Facebook page. I'm gonna upload em' to the Myspace tonight as well, for all you Myspacers out there. Oh yeah, we've been getting a lot of love from the SC Governor School Community. So here's shout out to all govies. Much love to all facebook support as well. On the facebook page we had like 3 fans two days ago. I think we're in our thirties now=))). That's wusup fam! For real. I really mean it when i say we thank yall for the love. But check out the pics, the video and stay posted. Much love. One!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First shoot done=]

Photoshoot wen't well. Shout out to all the models and Neesmith for making the shoot a big success. We started off walking around downtown, just kicking it. Taking flicks here and there. We then came back to the studio and took more pics. The pics came out real niceee. I'll post em on the Cool Micer facebook page, on the myspace and of couse, i'll be posting it on here. We've got no friends on myspace =/.haha. So hit us up with an add next time your on there. And become a fan on facebook. Much love to all support. All tee's still $19.99. Trying to get all orders in before April 15th. But besides that, stay posted. Here's the links to the facebook and the myspace pages and some pics i took with my digital cam below of the shoot. (they suck compared to the real pics of the shoot, but yeah) Enjoy.haha. Much love. Peace!

(The Myspace Page)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Cool Micer Original Tee

We know a lot of people haven't seen the "Cool Micer Original T-Shirt". So for those who haven't, here it is! The first t-shirt:) Aw man, I can't explain the excitement behind getting this one printed. The orders we placed for this tee just came in right before spring break. But I just had to come up with a plan to disperse em. So, I decided these tees go directly to the street team. With the tees, they also got flyers and t-shirt order forms. They're gonna get orders for the tees mainly on campus (SC Governors School campus). So to all those on campus, and those within reach of the street team, make sure you get your order in. We're gonna try and get all the orders we can by April 15th. So ask around if your'e on campus. Btw all tees are $19.99, and we only take cash. We know times are hard, but that's mad reasonable for an ill tee now-a-days. Plus we're only heading for the top. So grab on, for real. Oh yeah, the photoshoot for the "Original T" is on Wednesday, April 9th. Shout out to my mans Neesmith for making the shoot possible. I'll make sure to post the whole photoshoot on here too. Here's some more pics of the Original T though. Enjoy! Until the next post, much love. Peace!

Signature logo on the back yoke of the tee
box of the blue and black original tees
Logo on back of black tee
The design on front of the "Original T"