Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Big Homie

Today is October 6th. 17 years ago a legend was born lol. Lemme chill with all that. But I wanna give a big shout out to my Cousin/Bro/Big Homie lol/Cool Micer's Co Founder Derrick aka Donnell. Not to get all personal but i left him some love on his wall. I grew up with this dude, diapers and all. This years been tough for us though. He just loss his dad in August. But this guy is a strong dude. He kept a level head through it all. We loss a big figure this year. Through the days and nights i'm still shocked that uncle's gone. Felt like a nightmare. But counting the blessings and the good that the future will bring I'm holding my head high. I know he's proud of us and we're gonna keep making him proud. This life we live is way too slim and it's sad it takes a loss for us to appreciate it. Through it all we're still here and thanking God everyday for what we do have. So keep the Cool Micer fam in your prayers. Thanks to all supporters. We love you all. Once again, Happy Birthday Big Bro. Aim Higher!

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