Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mouse Sucks x Cool Micer

Mouse Sucks, 17 year old alternative hip hop artist living in Brooklyn, NY. He is currently working on his first project (The Ginyu Force). This is his 1st song off this project.The song is good, he also name drops Cool Micer. His mixtape The Ginyu Force is coming soon, be on the lookout for that. Enjoy!

Mouse Sucks - Nice Guys Finish Last by CoolMicer

Aim Higher


Pause, just pause.

Aim Higher

Saturday, February 19, 2011

All of the Hype

Over here at Cool Micer we like to jam. "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" by Kanye was a authentic sound. He sampled some great artist and created some intricate sounds. Kid Cudi (our homie) features on this joint. Listen and enjoy. Plus, there are some dope visuals on the intro to this vid. Don't get blinded by the lights, just...

Ade loves Julia

Monday, November 22, 2010

Rich Hil x Cool Micer

Met Rich Hil today at COA NYC. It was a pretty awesome store, and Rich Hil's a pretty cool dude. Gave him a tee, hanged with him for a bit, cracked a few jokes. Kinda talked about doing a Limos x Cool Micer collab. Sounds like we have a bright future. For those who don't know Rich Hil is, he's an independent artist from Connecticut who's been on the scene since 2008. He's made plenty of good mixtapes and plenty of awesome songs. Here's one of them below :
Gone by CoolMicer

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Phony Ppl

You're probably wondering who Phony ppl are, and what do they do. Well They're a band from Brooklyn, NY who produces their own new genre of music they call "FEEL GOOD MUSIC". I Personally have met every one of the band's members, and aside from being funny characters , they're also admirable musicians. Band consists of 8 members ;Drums- MaFF Yuu Phony, Bass-Bari Bass, Guitar-Ian Bakerwoman,Horn- Temi O., Keyboard- Aja Grant, Keyboard/ Vocals- Elbee Thrie, Vocals- Sheriff PJ, and their lead Vocals- Dyme-A-Duzin. I've been to one of their shows, and I have to say they really have a great stage presence to match their good music. It was a festival and a couple bands performed before and people seemed to just walk by. It wasn't until Phony ppl began their music, that people began to stand still and jam out w/ the band. It was a great show, even though it was cut short due to lateness. It's evident that this band is going places, and shall remain around for a while too. It's best to get familiar.
You could download their pre-album from their myspace page here : Phony ppl's myspace. Check them out below.

you can follow them on twitter : @Phonyppl
Also like them on Facebook :Fan Page


Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy birthday ADE!

I bet you're wondering who that sexy man with the million dollar smile is, it is no other than ADE GEE! Happy birthday to our co-founder; Ade Gee! He has finally hit the big 18! Without him none of this would be possible of course, he is a very important treasure to Cool Micer. Lately he's been piled up with work at school. We just wanted him to know how much we appreciate him, and that we love him.

Aim Higher