Monday, March 30, 2009

Cool Micer Original Tee

We know a lot of people haven't seen the "Cool Micer Original T-Shirt". So for those who haven't, here it is! The first t-shirt:) Aw man, I can't explain the excitement behind getting this one printed. The orders we placed for this tee just came in right before spring break. But I just had to come up with a plan to disperse em. So, I decided these tees go directly to the street team. With the tees, they also got flyers and t-shirt order forms. They're gonna get orders for the tees mainly on campus (SC Governors School campus). So to all those on campus, and those within reach of the street team, make sure you get your order in. We're gonna try and get all the orders we can by April 15th. So ask around if your'e on campus. Btw all tees are $19.99, and we only take cash. We know times are hard, but that's mad reasonable for an ill tee now-a-days. Plus we're only heading for the top. So grab on, for real. Oh yeah, the photoshoot for the "Original T" is on Wednesday, April 9th. Shout out to my mans Neesmith for making the shoot possible. I'll make sure to post the whole photoshoot on here too. Here's some more pics of the Original T though. Enjoy! Until the next post, much love. Peace!

Signature logo on the back yoke of the tee
box of the blue and black original tees
Logo on back of black tee
The design on front of the "Original T"

Sunday, March 15, 2009

(DJ Khaled voice) Who we?

What's up fam? We're gonna start putting this blog to use. So you can hit this page up to know what we're up to and what's going on, Cool Micer-wise. We started this blog to get our name out and let the people know what we're about. So lets shed some light on who we are. We are an up and coming t-shirt company. The name of our company is "Cool Micer". What is Cool Micer you ask? Well the easiest way to explain the name is putting it in two words: Humiltiy & Ambition. The "Cool" in our name means remaining humble as you progress towards your goals. "Micer" represents the ambition that you contain that pushes you to progress towards your goals. Micer is derived from the word mouse. The mouse is the animal we label as our mascot. Although the mouse is small it holds characteristics we admire. I won't get into all the characteristics but the most admirable of all the qualities a mouse contains is the hunger it has. We admire this because without hunger, there is little drive. And where there's no drive, there's no heart. And we got heart, belliedat. So, stay posted as we grow.