Friday, June 26, 2009

Cool Micer NYC Photo Shoot/Cudi Concert

NYC photo shoot done today. Went out to South Street Seaport and chilled w/the crew. Za (Zaire Tillman) took some candid shots, some posed, and it all went smooth. Ended taking pics around 5. The whole concert was only blocks away. We rushed back over to the port to catch the concert, mainly to see Cudi. Things weren't looking to bright initially. Actually, it started to rain. Asking around we found out that if it hadn't stopped raining the concert would be a no show. Waited around and chilled for a couple hours and actually met some cool celebs. The dynamic duo Chester French, Travis of "Gym Class Heroes" popped up, Plain Pat(producer)...and with long hours dedication we got to catch up with Mr. Solo Dolo himself, KID CUDI. We "swagged" him a shirt. He was a real down to earth dude. Real cool guy. The rain started to die down, and everything just started to get into motion. Chester French went up did their thing and Cudi ended it off w/a bang. Real good concert. After the concert we also got Cudi to sign one of our shirts. Real good day for us and some nice pics taken by Za. Photos from the photo shoot will be posted soon. Stay posted. AIM HIGHER!

flyer from concert

Kid Cudi holdin' up our OG T-Shirt=]

Plain Pat WUDUP
Max of Chester French
D.A. of Chester French
Travis of Gym Class Heroes
Cudi jammin' out on stage

Cool Micer OG T Autographed by Cudi

chillin' by the port

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