Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First shoot done=]

Photoshoot wen't well. Shout out to all the models and Neesmith for making the shoot a big success. We started off walking around downtown, just kicking it. Taking flicks here and there. We then came back to the studio and took more pics. The pics came out real niceee. I'll post em on the Cool Micer facebook page, on the myspace and of couse, i'll be posting it on here. We've got no friends on myspace =/.haha. So hit us up with an add next time your on there. And become a fan on facebook. Much love to all support. All tee's still $19.99. Trying to get all orders in before April 15th. But besides that, stay posted. Here's the links to the facebook and the myspace pages and some pics i took with my digital cam below of the shoot. (they suck compared to the real pics of the shoot, but yeah) Enjoy.haha. Much love. Peace!

(The Myspace Page)


  1. I want one!! I love the sig in back. Look like great quality!!

  2. To get one contact one me on facebook(JoshPhelps)