Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quick Update

NEW FACEBOOK PAGE!!! Yeah fam. We're moving to another page and we're deleting the old one. We won't be moving anymore. We just had some inconvience with the first page. So you can follow the link below and become a fan on the new one. And to all myspacers we're on there as well. So here are the links...
The NEW Facebook page:

The Myspace page:

We put in orders last week for the original and they should be here tommorow if you put your order in around the 15th. The Air Cool micer tees will be coming in next week. So if you ordered the Air T bare with us. We got you. Sorry for the wait. All together the first load of shirt orders went real well. We got about 30 orders. So shout outs to everybody that ordered one...and another shoutout to all those who wanted one. Oh yea and how can i forget. Another BIG shoutout to our "Original T-Shirt" photographer Neesmith for stuntin his Cool Micer Original T-Shirt to his prom. He hit us up with some pics, check em out below. That's about all for now. So until the next post, Peace.

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