Thursday, May 28, 2009

Poll on Shirt Colors

Original (OG) shirt customizations are coming to an end. But we've decided to let yall pick the the extra two colorways yall are feelin' for the OG final shirt selection (Male and female). So we've created polls. Ten day polls. This is just to up the urgency, because we need all this info now. Tryin' to get the online store running this summer and we wanna know yall's input. So pick two colors your feelin. And the two colors with the most love from yall will get selected. The polls start June 1st and end the 10th, TEN DAYS...don't miss it. So with that being said...get ready to vote.haha. Other updates....the facebook wall is dry=/ show us some love. Jus stop bye and say "wudup", post some pics, it's all appreciated=] We're working on the online store. So stay posted on this. Much more to come basically. And the Facebook keeps growing =]. Well gonna wrap this up. Don't forget about the Myspace, add us on there. We're on there. You can click the side link to get to it. Stay posted. Much love and don't forget to get your vote in

ladies voting link

guys voting link

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